Evans Peak

Evans Peak is located in Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge, British Columbia. It’s a 12 km out-and-back trail with an elevation gain of about 995 m. The trailhead starts at the West Canyon parking lot of Golden Ears Park. The relatively short distance and moderate elevation gain mean that the trail inclines steadily from the beginning. Close to the top, there are a couple of sections where you have to pull yourself up using ropes. You need to bring a lot of water and wear proper hiking boots and hiking poles because the trail is slippery in some sections, with lots of exposed tree roots and rocks in other sections. Trail markers could be improved, and there are a few forks along the trail, so GPS and offline maps are highly recommended.

The view from the peak is beautiful on a clear day. I have been to Evans Peak twice now. The first time, it was so foggy that I couldn’t see anything at the top. The second time was a clear day, which provided an opportunity for me to take some beautiful photos.

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