I allocated one full day for walking around the town of Banff, and also some attractions close to the town (close as in within 15 minutes driving). Banff is a loverly small town surrounded by several tall mountains and 2 rivers. If you are in town, try to slow down your pace, enjoy the surrounding as much as you can.

I drove to a small parking lot where you can have a great view of Banff Springs Hotel sitting on the bank of Bow River and backing against some mount ranges. The place is dubbed “Surprise Corner”. It’s a great place to take some fantastic photo shots.

After looking at the Banff Springs Hotel from afar, I visited the hotel up close and personal. Below are some photos from outside of the building. More photos of the hotel, both inside and outside, can be found further down this page.

There is a tram system takes you up to the top of Sulphur mountain. Up there, you will have a fantastic view of all the mountains surrounding Banff, all the rivers, and of course the lovely town of Banff.

Once we came down from Sulphur mountain, we visited a waterfall called Bow Falls. The waterfall is on the Bow river therefore I guess that’s why it is called Bow Falls.

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