Johnston Canyon is in Banff National Park. It’s half an hour drive from the town of Banff. Johnston Canyon, as the name suggests, is famous for its canyons, forest and waterfalls. Did I mention waterfalls? It seems that there is a waterfall every time you turn a corner on the trail.

The trail is relatively flat, with minimum elevation gain. Half of the time you are walking on catwalks with rail guards. The majority of people will stop at the upper falls, which is 2.6 km from the trail head.

Don’t be surprised that there is a line-up in front of the lower falls. The reason is that to get close to the lower falls, you have to crawl through a short tunnel. The tunnel is so narrow that only one person (or one family) can go in and out at a time. After crawling through the short tunnel, you are very close to the lower falls, and get misted, on a viewing platform. If you do want to get close to the lower falls and don’t want to wait, you might want to arrive Johnston Canyon a little earlier than most people.

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