Alouette Mountain via West Canyon Trail

Alouette Mountain is in Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. There are serval trails that lead to the peak. The long trail, round trip 20 km starts from Mike Lake. There is a shorter trail starts from West Canyon parking lot. This page describes the latter.


Route Type: Out and Back

Round trip: 10 km

Elevation gain: 1160 m

Difficulty: Medium

Trail Description

The trail starts at West Canyon Parking lot. With its short length and over 1 km elevation, if you guess that the incline is non-stop, then you are correct. The trail is infamous for having a lot of tree roots, small rocks and steep inclines. All of the above make for a slippery trail in the summer and dangerous in the winter and spring.

For the first 3.5 km or so, you will hike on the same trail that goes to Evans Peak. At about 3.2 km, there is a platform where you can take a break. At about 3.6 km, there is a view of a waterfall. As mentioned earlier, at about 3.5 km, the trail splits into two. The left one leads to Alouette Mountain, and the right one leads to Evans Peak. The sings are small, so pay attention.

After the split, it’s up, up and up again. There is a boulder field about 1 km before the peak. The boulder field is very slipper during winter/spring time. Make sure you have specialized equipment to handle the snow and slippery condition when you hike the trail in winter/spring.

The view on top is amazing on a clear day. However, like many of the peaks in Golden Ears, clouds and fog can blur the view on some days.