Crooked Falls

Crooked Falls is in Squamish Valley, British Columbia, Canada. You first follow Sigurd trail and then follow signs for Crooked Falls to get to it.

The trail is about 7.6 KM round trip (some online guides don’t count the first KM that leads to an information board which seems to be the “official” trail head, but you have to walk up a rocky path before you can reach the board). Elevation gain is over 400 M (again some online guides don’t count the elevation gain of the first KM).
One thing to note about the service road you driving on that leads to the trail head, it is full of pot holes, big and small, in the last 2 KM. You need to drive slow and try to avoid the pot holes.

This trail is a little steeper than the stats tell you. You will need your hands a few time to pull yourself up. Overall it’s a good cardio workout. A lot of time you are walking on narrow paths just above deep cliffs, so watch your footing.

The view of Squamish Valley on this trail is magnificent . The fall is beautiful, with good amount of water, good height, wide, and “crooked”.
The walk down is a little bit hard on the knees because of steep drops in some sections.

I was in and out in under 4 hours, including snack time and photo time.

Crooked Falls