Garibaldi Lake Trail

Length: 18 km

Elevation Gain: 970 m

Difficulty Level: Intermediate (nothing technical, just a long and most-time-in-the-wood trail until you reach the lake)

The trail is notoriously long with numerous switchbacks. The good thing is that there is nothing technical about the trail-no scrambling, no stream crossing, and it’s wide for most of the way. Take your time and you will reach the beautiful lake. There is a split at around 6 km mark. At the split, going left is to Taylor meadow. To the right is to the Lake.

If you think getting to the lake is not challenging enough for you, there are a few different viewpoints of the lake accessible through different and more challenging trails. One is from the Panorama Ridge. Or from The Black Tusk. Or from Mount Price.

Color of the lake could change due to seasons, angles of the sun, etc. I have visited the lake in different times and took photos therefore some photos may have different lake color than the others.

Garibaldi Lake in spring

The lake starts to melt. The scenario is as beautiful as it is in Summer.