Mount Harvey

Length: 12 km

Elevation Gain: 1405 m

Difficulty Level: Hard

Mount Harvey trail head is at Lions Bay. There are several popular trails that share the same parking lot, and the main parking lot is tiny. If you want to park at the main parking lot, come early. Otherwise you have to park at least 500 m to 1 km away from the trail head. All parking’s are paid parking.

The first two km of the trail is a wide service road and is shared by several popular hikes, like Tunnel Bluff, Brunswick, Harvey and Lions. If you don’t want to turn to the wrong trails, make sure you watch the signs, or check your hiking maps.

The first split of the trails is at 2 km mark. The second split is at 3 km mark. After the second split, it’s a steep ascending almost non-stop to Mount Harvey. The last 200 m or so before the summit is scrambling at a bolder field. The scrambling is fun in the Summer. If the bolder field has any snow or ice, it will be a bit dangerous.

At the top, if it’s a clear day, you can see Brunswick, Lions, and as far as Mount Baker.