Woodland Walk Trail – Sawblade Falls – Woodland Falls

Woodland Walk Trail is in Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. High lights of this trail are two waterfalls, Sawblade Falls and Woodland Falls. Length of the trip, depends on which trails you take, is around 7 km. Elevation gain is around 300 m. Most of the trail is flat with crossing of some small streams or creeks. The only exception is the connecting trail between Woodland Falls and Sawblade Falls. This connecting trail is a little steep, and has the most elevation gain in this trail. Also depending on which trails you take, you may share the trail with mountain bikers.

One negative of this trail is that there is a shooting range next to the trail head. You will hear loud noise in most part of the trail.

Photos of woodland walk trail

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