Minnekhada Regional Park

Minnekhada Regional Park is located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. There are several easy to intermediate trails in the park. All those trails make up several circles around two marshes in the park. There is one trail that actually cuts through the two marshes, and it’s named mid-marsh trail. There are also several shorter trails branched from the main trails and lead to several lookouts, like high knoll, low knoll and addington look out.

All trails in Minnekhada Regional Park are heavy traffic therefore they don’t no need markers. You can just follow the trails and signs for various lookouts. Some trails, especially those that lead to the lookouts, are labeled as intermediate because of their elevation, around 265m at the peak. Part of the trails have tree roots and maybe muddy after rain. Nothing too technical. Distance for the whole loop around the marshes and the lookouts is about 6.5 km. It will be shorter, about 4 km, if you take the mid-marsh trail and do a half loop.

From those lookouts and trails, you can have beautiful views of the marshes, Pitt river, mountains and surround areas.