The Black Tusk

The Black Tusk

The black tusk is a hiking trail in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Length (round trip): 25 km

Elevation Gain: 1710 m

First 6.5 km of the trail is the same as the trail going to Garibaldi Lake, or Panorama Ridge. After the split from Garibaldi Lake Trail, you will continue to Taylor Meadows, and then Black Tusk Meadows. Pay attention to signs because there are several trail splits along the way. Final ascend to the ridge that leads to the black tusk is a steep hill with small rocks therefore it’s very slippery.

After you get on the ridge, there is one final challenge. You have to climb an almost vertical rock wall of about 20 meters to get on to the top of The Black Tusk.

Views on top are AMZING!