Deeks Lake, Hanover Lake and Brunswick Lake

Round trip: 20 km

Elevation gain: 1,200 m

My walking time: 8 hours

Trail head is near Porteau Cove Look out parking lot. If the lot is full, you can park on the other side of the highway, which you can cross from an overpass.

Some of online hiking maps still show the trail head starting at the Porteau Cove parking lot, but that trail head passes through a private property. The official trail head actually starts at a couple hundred meters on the south side of the parking lot (walking south along the highway exit).

The trail is ascending almost all the way. Rocks and tree roots are everywhere on this trail. Remember the above conditions with length and elevation again when you time your hiking time and think twice about your ability to finish.

Once on the trail, you first arrive at Deeks lake. By arriving at Deeks lake, you complete most of distance and elevation gain of this trail. Elevation gain of Deeks Lake is about 1,000 m. You then pass through Hanover Lake and finally arrive at Brunswick Lake. Along this trail, you will pass through at least 2 waterfalls.

The lakes are beautiful, especially Hanover and Brunswick. They have the green/blue colors that you expect from glacier feed lakes. They look like a smaller version of Garibaldi Lake or Joffre Lake.

It’s an out-and-back trail so you return to the parking lot from the same trail you come from.