Three Brother Mountain Trail

Length: 20 km

Elevation Gain: 844 m

Difficulty Level: Intermediate (nothing technical, just LONG)

Three Brothers Mountain Trail is in E.C Manning Park, two and a half hours east of Vancouver, BC.

Like all the popular hiking trails around Vancouver, parking is limited. You need to arrive before 8:30 AM to get a spot in the main parking lot otherwise road side parking is available. The last two KM’s of the road leading to the upper parking lot is unpaved and bumpy. Outhouses are available at the trail head and also at the first camp site which is about 3 KM from the trail head.

There are a couple small creeks along the trail but they may dry out in the late summer. Most of the trail is exposed. You need to bring enough water and sun protection.

The trail starts with slight descending (which means when you come back you your last leg is ascending). After that you are walking on relatively flat meadows which have beautiful wild flowers if you come at the right season (Usually July and August). The last 2 KM’s leading to the First Brother Peak is a steep ascending.

The view at the First Brother is beautiful with 360-degree view.

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