Kennedy Falls is in the district of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It’s a 11 KM out and back hiking trail. Elevation gain is a little bit over 350 meters. However, don’t let that mild distance and low elevation gain fool you. It’s an unofficial trail of the district therefore it doesn’t get proper maintenance. It’s the muddiest trial I have been to. To get to the water falls, you have to cross numerous running streams, climb down (and up when you coming back) a rope, avoid tree roots, climb over some rocks and boulders, and watch out for muddy water puddles. Water proof shoes are a must. At least you will see a 600+ years old cedar tree. The water falls itself is beautiful. It’s not a straight waterfall as many of other waterfalls. It’s cascading down the hill.
Parking is a big problem. The parking lot is tiny and gets full quick. There are a lot of mountain bikers use the mountain bike trails in that park. Further more there are sings in the parking lot that say parking is limit for 3 hours which is not enough for hiking to and back from Kennedy Falls. However I am not sure how strict the city enforces the bylaw.
I hiked this trail both in 2021 and 2020. There were a lot more people in 2021 comparing to 2020 (I usually start my hike pretty early). This trail is getting more and more popular.