Saint Mark’s Summit

The trail that leads to Saint Mark’s Summit starts from Cypress downhill parking lot. Round trip is around 11 km. Elevation gain is about 533 m. It’s an intermediate hike.

When I last hiked this trail in the middle of May, 2021, there was still a fair bit of snow all the way from the bottom to the summit. Micro-spikes are highly recommended, along with poles. I also recommend you download the offline map and route. The reason is that directions and markers on this trail are hard to see at some sections. Probably because of snow, and you also need to pay attention to where you land your steps that will probably make you miss some markers as well. I know I did. Micro-spikes and poles make coming down a lot easy.

The view on the summit is a great reward for all the hard work. Other than Howe sound and surrounding area, you can also see the lions (the twin sisters, two mountain peaks) near the summit.