Eagle Bluffs

Eagleridge Bluffs is in Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver, British Columbia. I took the trail starting from Cypress downhill area and hiking via Black Mountain to reach Eagleridge Bluffs. Round trip of the trail is about 8.9 km and elevation gain is about 443 m. Based on those numbers, you would think it’s a walk in the park. The fact is that most of the elevation gain is in the first 2 km of the hike between the trail head and Black Mountain. There is actually a slight elevation drop between Black Mountain and Eagleridge Bluffs. There is a loop around Black Mountain therefore you can choose to go out in one route and come back from another route.

Once you reach Eagleridge Bluffs, you will be rewarded with a nice view of Horseshoe bay, City of Vancouver, Bowen Island, Pacific Ocean and Mountains to the south in the United States in a clear day. You can pick a rock, sit down and enjoy the view while you are having a snack.

The trail head is in the Cypress downhill area. If you go during a skiing season, you need to come early to guarantee a (paid) parking spot. If you come in a non skiing season, there will be plenty of parking.

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