Gold Creek Falls

East canyon trail and west canyon trail – Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden Ears Provincial Park, in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, has a lot of trails suitable for all people with different hiking experience. From relatively flat and short hikes like lower falls trail to super long and high elevation hikes like hiking to the name sake summit – Golden Ears summit, and everything in between. You can pick trails that match your skills and physical ability and enjoy the scenery. Another trail in this park that I like is Evans Peak.

In this post I am introducing the East Canyon Trail and the West Canyon Trail. Hikers can start the hike in either the West Canyon Parking or Gold Creek Parking. You will pass through both parking lots if you are doing both the East Canyon Trail and the West Canyon Trail. You will need to come early to park closer to the trails because the park is very popular. In the late spring and summer season, you will also need to reserve your day pass.

The order that you take (first east trail and then west trail, or vice versa) is totally personal preference. I did the east trail first because I am a big water falls person. The east trail passes through two water falls (the lower gold creek falls and the upper gold creek falls). There is a metal bridge connecting the east trail with the west trail on the north end of either trail. On the west trail, there is a nice look out that you can see a big portion of the gold creek, and the bridge that passed (or going to pass depending on which order you take the trail).

Trails are muddy most time of the year. You have to cross several running streams. Some wider streams require you to step on stones in order to cross. Proper hiking shoes (water proof) are a must.

Gold Creek

Gold Creek Upper Falls